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Other Archival Holdings

 Finding aids to the personal and corporate fonds in the National Gallery of Canada Archives are listed below. Finding aids vary in the level of detail they provide: some describe the records at a fonds or collection level only, while others describe records at a series, file, or item level. These finding aids are also available through ArchiveGrid from OCLC.

Subject access to the personal and corporate fonds can be had by searching the catalogue of the Library and Archives, where fonds or collection level descriptions to these records can be found.

Electronic Finding Aids

This project was made possible through generous funding from the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, New York.

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49th Parallel/49e Parallèle fonds

Walter S. Allward Collection
Art Metropole fonds, Art Metropole Collection

Mowry Baden fonds
Francis Bacon fonds
Margaret Bailey fonds
Fern Bayer fonds
Michael Bidner fonds
Ilse Bing fonds
Henry Birks and Sons fonds
Jeanne Borduas Brisebois fonds
Laura Brandon fonds
Eric and Maud Brown fonds
Franklin Brownell fonds
David Buchan fonds, Art Metropole Collection
Donald W. Buchanan fonds
James Bulwer fonds

Canadian Art Libraries and Information Services Section (CARLIS) fonds
Antonio Canova fonds
Emily Carr fonds
Philip Clark Collection
M. Lillian Clarke fonds
Lynne Cohen fonds
Robert Collison fonds
Alex Colville Student Drawings
Ruth Comfort Jackson fonds
Continental Galleries of Fine Art fonds
Cooper & Beatty fonds
William Cruikshank fonds

Edgar Degas Letters
Dominion Gallery fonds
Sir Arthur George Doughty Manuscript
Douglas Duncan and Frances Barwick fonds

M.C. Escher Correspondence

Federation of Canadian Artists fonds
Andreas Feininger fonds
Kathleen Fenwick fonds
A.R. Fleming Collection
Roy F. Fleming fonds
J.W.L. Forster Collection
Friends of the National Gallery of Canada (FoNG) fonds
Jacqueline Fry fonds

Charles F. Gagnon fonds
Christel Gang fonds
General Idea Collection, Art Metropole Collection
General Idea fonds
Eric Goldberg fonds
Ron Gould fonds
Thomas Garland Greene Collection
James Griffiths and John Griffiths Scrapbook
Allister Grosart fonds
Terry Guernsey fonds

Ingrid M. Haase fonds
Siegfried Haase fonds
Lawren Harris Collection
Arthur Heming Collection
Prudence Heward fonds
George Hill Letter
Hiro (Wakabayashi Yasuhiro) Photograph
William and Ruth Hood fonds
Alfred Harold Howard fonds
Houghton's Silverware and Plating Ltd. fonds
Jack Humphrey fonds

Robert Boyer Inch fonds

A.Y. Jackson fonds
Franziska Jacobi fonds
Charles W. Jefferys and Jean Adams Jefferys
Ray Johnson Mail Art, Art Metropole Collection

Yousuf Karsh Collection
Harold F. Kells fonds
Kensington Fine Art Gallery fonds

Albert Laberge fonds
G. Blair Laing fonds
Harry Lapow Photograph
Yves Larocque fonds
Ruby LeBoutillier fonds
Trudi Le Caine fonds
John Lyman Letter
F. Maxwell Lyte fonds

Don Mabie fonds
Dr. James M. MacCallum Papers
Colin S. MacDonald fonds
Jock Macdonald fonds
Thoreau and J.E.H. MacDonald Collection
Anne E. Macintosh fonds
Frank Manners fonds
Markgraf Reproductions Collection
John Martin fonds
Norah McCullough Collection
McCurry Family Collection
Ann Hillier McMenomin fonds
Lisette Model fonds
Henry Wentworth Monk fonds
Montreal Print Collectors Society fonds
Robert Murray fonds

National Gallery of Canada English Docents fonds
Lilias Torrance Newton fonds

OPaul and Mary Okanski fonds

Wilbur Kells Peacock Papers
Paul Peel and Isaure Verdier Peel fonds
Hamnett Pinhey fonds
Barbara Potter Collection


Goodridge Roberts Drawings
John L. Russell Reg'd. and Beaver Hall Antiques Ltd. fonds

Sampson-Matthews Collection
Carl Schaefer fonds
W. Scott and Sons fonds
Rosalie Shapiro fonds
Sing Hoo Drawing
James D. Smillie Papers
Brydon Smith fonds
Madge Smith fonds
Gertrude Spurr-Cutts fonds
Robert Stacey fonds
Chrysanne Stathacos fonds
Jana Sterbak fonds
Max Stern fonds

Takao Tanabe fonds
Josephine Hambleton Tessier fonds
Siegfried Thalheimer fonds
Bill Thomson fonds
David F. Thomson fonds
Jean Toche Correspondence, Art Metropole Collection

Tony Urquhart fonds

Nancy Robinson Villarroel fonds

Watson Art Galleries fonds
Homer Watson fonds
John William Hurrell Watts fonds
Liliane and Cyril Welch fonds
West's Galleries Limited fonds
Robert Reginald Whale Family fonds
Joyce Wieland fonds
Mary F. Williamson fonds
Women Artists Oral History Project fonds
John William Woolsey and Family Collection


N.D. Young fonds